About me


Hi My name is Sherry Nelson.  I am a 38 year old who has been married to my husband Doug for 19 years.  We have two children, DJ who is 19 and Rosey who is 13.  My parents are divorced and I am the oldest of 5 1/2 children. I work full time for a pediatric office taking care of their medical billing.  In my spare time I love crafting.


I love (really love) crafting.  It has been my passion since I was a child (not sure exactly when, terrible memory…s.m.h.).  It started out with the most basic of expressions: drawing (would you believe I rarely do that these days).  I loved art class and drew like mad, all the Super Mario 3 images I could find. Since then I have realized I could paint, sew, crochet, and I do other crafts, that don’t really fall into a category.


This is a hard topic, not because I feel that I can’t talk about it but that it brings back painful memories of being depressed and what that’s like.  I have had personal experiences, genetics and life stressors (just a little hurricane (CHARLEY)….recession… woes… that have caused my depression.  It became very severe at one point, where I wanted to die.  Not because I wanted to kill myself but just that I could be relieved of the feeling of depression.  I used to love gardening but when I got depressed, it robbed me of my joy for this hobby.  I still don’t feel like going outside, even after a year and being in remission but other hobbies have replaced the void inside me. It is also very, very, very therapeutic.  I felt that I needed to include this as a topic because it is part of who I am, you might understand my quirkiness (meds, meds, meds) more.

What I’m up to now…..

I am very excited with what I’m doing now, it certainly provides something fun to look forward to everyday.  I take time to work on my Etsy store, that means making products to sell, taking pictures and doing a lot of computer work and running to the post office.  I started this blog because I love trying new sewing/crochet patterns.  I find that some work and some don’t, so I thought I could share this information with people.  I also wanted to share any tips, tricks or advice that I might have to help others be better crafter’s.  Check me out: I’m on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Etsy, posting things I’m making, blog posts and even pics of the family.



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