I saved this blog for one of those days that we all just needed something to go ooohhh and aaahhh! Cute is the name of this game. Check out some of the cutest amigurimi’s I could find.  If you don’t know what a amigurimi is, here’s the definition:

Amigurumi is the Japanese word which describes small knitted or crocheted stuffed toys, often in the shape of characters, animals, mini foods, household objects and scenery. It comes from the two root words ami, meaning crocheted or knitted, and nuigurumi, which means stuffed doll.

Cactus Love

Scarecrow Kitty

Teddy Bear Ornaments


Sleepy Owl

Realistic Cactus

Valentine Teddy

Penny the Penguin

Bobble Sheep

Cute Fox


Piece of Cake

Pink Dragon

Cube Kitty

Guinea Pigs!

Cute Little Cat

How about that for a Thursday- a little bit of sweetness. Hope you enjoyed!


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