Scarf Love

I’ve got another good pattern for you! I found this pattern for an infinity scarf and I thought this would be a quick sewing pattern.  I’ve been a little in a sewing funk lately, so I had it for like 2 weeks before I even attempted sewing it or anything for that matter.  If you’re like me, you interest in hobbies comes and goes, I start projects and don’t finish them and then when I’m in a good place with a clear mind, I can go back and start again.

Here’s what the scarf should look like:

I found this pattern from Leafy Tree Top Spot: Infinity Circle Scarf Tutorial.  It looked super cute and easy, and I really have been meaning to make some scarfs because they are supposed to sell well if handmade. I had this fabric, lots of it that was bought it in a bundle, so I have no idea what kind of fabric it is.  Let me tell you though, it was a pain in the butt! This fabric is like silk, it’s slinky and slides easily. Cutting this material in 18″ by 42″ lengths was about impossible.  I really want to make another one just like it, but I don’t know if I can muster the nerve to deal with that fabric again.

Any how, that was the worst step, I assumed it would be difficult to sew just like knits but surprisingly it fed through my machine beautifully. When you finally get to the point where you are sewing the end pieces together, it’s a little tricky, but I got it finally and I think it turned out pretty nice:


It’s nice, silky and lightweight, perfect for a friend of mine! I hope you try this pattern, it’s worth it!


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