Pyramid Pouch

To start I need to give you a little background…. I have tried to make these triangular pouches four times already.  I know exactly how many because it is seared in my memory as a group of patterns that are hard to read and hard to understand what they are trying to get across.  Then I found this pattern: Pyramid Pouch by Logan Berry Handmade.

This started out so simple, cut these three pieces this size, your outside fabric, lining and a piece of batting. Then I quilted the fabric/batting like I was told and attached the zipper between the outside fabric and the lining.


Next step was to do the same thing to the other side of the zipper, done!


I flipped it inside out and sewed the right side.


Then I got the tag ready:


Pin that in place and sew up the other side and voila!

This was a great pattern, thank so much to Logan Berry to make it simple.  I threw out the other two patterns I had, never again! I found the one!


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