I have to tell you how excited I was last week! I found a lady on Facebook marketplace selling a bunch of home decor fabric sample books.  She wanted $45 for all of them originally, but I just didn’t like that price, so I declined.  Then a couple weeks went by and she was still on there selling them.  I asked her if she’d take $25 and she did!  I got 16 fabric sample books with nice home decor fabric pieces from silk’s to suede’s.  I can make oodles of projects that require just small pieces, like bookmarks!

Staying on topic, one of my newest interests is bookmarks.  I just love how there is so much possibility in such a small project.  You can whip one up really quick or you can take your time and make a masterpiece.  I’m interested to see what I can find so I can start using up some scraps!

Here’s a scrappy bookmark from The DIY Dreamer: Fabric Bookmarks

Learning how to sew? Awesome, I have a great tutorial for beginners. Let's learn how to sew fabric bookmarks! Check out this step by step tutorial.

These look simple enough from Little Birdie Secrets: Fabric Bookmark Tutorial

fabric flowers bookmarks

Applique Style from Jedi Craft Girl: Valentine Bookmark

valentine bookmark and sachet

You can make a big bow from Make It-Love It: Big Bow Bookmark

Sew a Big Bow Bookmark....a pretty page saver! | via Make It and Love It

This felt bookmark is really unique from Burda: Felt Bookmark


These are colorful and cute by Ollie and Bella: Circle Bookmark

I thought this was great by Big U Handmade 2: Cactus Bookmark

Delicate and old fashioned by Lacy Crochet: Crochet Leaf Bookmark

Great use for fabric scraps! by MMM Crafts: Love You Bookmark

I love buttons! by I Heart Naptime: Button Bookmarks

buttons bookmarks

I hope you enjoyed this list and found your next project, have a great day!


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