I’ve been making a pile in my sewing area….the pile of failures…

I tried, but something just wasn’t right, was it me or the pattern, who knows.  Will I try again, I don’t think so.

Tablet Cover: Supposed to look like: From Pat

Tablet Coverlet  Free Pattern

What I made:

Yeah, no good.  Started out easy, thought I was on the right path. Somehow the top stitch on the opening didn’t work out right and I had a lot of bunched fabric.  Looks okay when shut, but not so good when open.

iPhone Pouch Tutorial: by Amy Friend  supposed to look like:

What I made:

Not too bad..the only thing wrong with this one is the tab is crooked.  I might make another one of these, I need to try it out for size and see if it truly fits.

This one is a No Sew Project: by Sellzcutethings what it should look like:


Not so far off from the picture but mine doesn’t look as elegant for sure.

Failures are a part of my daily routine.  I try out so many patterns whether they are crochet or sewing patterns, I am trying probably 6-10 a week, with only a 30% success rate.  I’ll keep trying and I hope you keep in touch with me!





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