Flannel Trash Bag

I was in my husband’s car recently with garbage in my hands looking for a trash bag (because I have one in my car) and realized he had no trash bag.  I would have initially made one for him when he got this car back in April but his stick shifters height had me skeptical that the pattern I use wouldn’t work.  I had already made him some seat belt covers so he approved the fabric which would match.  I have this pattern I use from A Ditchin Time Quilts: Car Trash Bag

Off we go, here is my preparation of the fabric, as you can see I used a red and blue flannel, you only need a few pieces of fabric, front and lining fabric, fabric for your strap and fabric for your binding:


You only interface one side of the bag so it has some stiffness. Instead of the Peltex that it called for, I just used some fusible fleece.


To give it that “paper bag” bottom you have to flatten the corners and mark a line 1 1/2″ from the corner.  Try your best to line up the side seam in the center on each corner, so all the corners look the same and are uniform.


Then you slide your bags together as instructed, made the binding, and here is my binding pinned, getting ready to be sewn.


And this is after I sewed on the binding, not too terribly bad….I hate binding.



Almost done, we have to put on the strap and the two pieces of 1″ x 2″ velcro to keep it closed (that’s not in the pattern).


And you’re all done, now you have a reason to keep your car clean. This is my second trash bag I made, I really like this pattern, its super simple and makes a nice looking trash bag. You could mix and match fabrics with this add a ribbon instead of the fabric strap, use contrasting binding, or sew appliques onto the outside.  I hope you try this tutorial and let me know what you think.



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