Game Day Wristlet- A Sad Story

I’ve been on a hiatus.  I just didn’t have any desire to blog.  Not that I’m depressed or anything, I’ve actually been fervently working in my sewing room on cell phone cases and coasters. I’ve been busy listing items on my Etsy shop including re-listing or de-activating products that have expired listings. Having this shop takes up a lot of my time, but it’s still fun.

I’ve been on a cell phone holder hunt lately, combing thru the internet for anything that can cover or hold a cell phone/tablet.  I found this pattern on Craftsy from Raspberry Sunshine called the “GameDay Wristlet”:

Image result for the gameday wristlet tutorial

A cute wristlet for sure, so I downloaded it, and even better it was free! Just like any other pattern’s I do, I had to cut some fabric out, interface it, fold pockets and create a rounded flap.  I decided to use this pink and white stripe fabric with a cat printed fabric (I never use good fabric for first-time tutorial tries).

We’re going good so far.  Then I had to make the pocket that holds the phone.  You fold and press in on the sides, eventually you will have a nice roomy pocket.


This is the assembly of the second pocket which is flat, long and deep.


Making my wrist strap and D ring tab:


I love these clips, they are so helpful and I am getting poked way less by needles than I used to! Here I am assembling everything together.  It will need to be sewn around the outside 1/4″ of an inch, then turned inside out and pressed:


And that’s when it hit me.  The pattern on the flap is upside down.  Eye roll.  Deep Breathe.  Well that was a big waste of my time, wish I could have seen that coming.  Do not use a one-way pattern on the outside fabric.


Aside from my little mistake, it was a good pattern.  I understood everything and it made sense to me.  It’s a little large of a bag, you can definitely get any cell phone in it, and pens, a small hairbrush, your cards, papers, it’s a pretty good size at 7 3/4″ long by 4 1/2″ wide. Another tip- my pink and white fabric was like a heavy canvas material, therefore its really bulky in the corners and the presses aren’t that great.  I either need to not interface that fabric or just choose something thinner and lighter.  Have a great day everyone! Happy Crafting!


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