Halloween Crafts

Halloween is coming and that means decorating!! I want to show you some interesting Halloween Crafts I have found around the internet. One thing you need to know about me, is that I am not into the scary gory stuff they put out nowadays.  I’m 38 years old, and my idea of Halloween is a little outdated but timeless.  I love haunted houses, witches and vampires, things that are scary but not real. My list is also budget friendly.

Trash Bag Spider Webs: Fast Forward Fun

DIY Halloween decor using trashbags! So easy and cheap. (fun video tutorial and step-by-step photos). Fast Forward Fun

Handing Ghosts: Simply Designing

Want to know how to make hanging ghosts from Pottery Barn? Here's a Pottery Barn knock-off that makes the perfect not-so-spooky Halloween decor for your front porch!

This site shows you a variety of ways to decorate your fireplace mantel:

Source: Digs Digs

Halloween Mantel Decorating Ideas

30 Inspiring DIY Halloween Decorations

Spirit Jugs: Eighteen 25 

Spooky Bat Lamp: Glue Dots

We love Halloween and easy decorating ideas. Make a Bat Lamp Halloween Decoration for your home with paper bats and Removable Glue Dots.

Keep Out Door Decor: Woman’s Day

Floating Witch Hats: Polka Dot Chair

Clever decorating idea for a porch for Halloween, floating Witch's hat luminaries, they even light up at night!

Cute Painted Pumpkins: Grand in Road

Stick Wreath: Ernest Home Co

creepy twig halloween wreath diy

Spider Web Mason Jars: Mom Dot

spider web mason jars

Booooooo! Hope you have enjoy Halloween like a child again! Happy Halloween!


Decorating Pumpkins- Unconventionally

To celebrate the beginning of fall, I decided to talk about the most popular fall decoration- the pumpkin. Here’s some non-traditional ways to decorate them.

Alice in Wonderland themed no carve pumpkin!

I made this for work a year ago, when we all decided to have a pumpkin decorating contest.  I put a lot of work into this, hand painting four real pumpkins, gluing on body parts to make it 3-D, and a dowel rod hammered thru the middle of them all into the base was done by my husband.  So far this picture has earned me 143 pins on Pinterest and I’m so happy people admire my piece of art. This brings us to the topic I want to talk about, decorating pumpkins in ways other than carving them.

Now don’t get me wrong, my children are 13 and 19 and we still carve at lease two pumpkins per year just to get the seeds out (I make killer roasted pumpkin seeds, I’ll leave the recipe at the end for you.)  However, there are so many ways to decorate a pumpkin by means other than cutting into them.  Here are some ideas I thought we both beautiful and easy for anyone to do.

Painting Pumkins: Halloween pumpkin topiary

Halloween Pumpkin Topiary

Minecraft Pumpkins:

Emoji Pumpkins by Cutefetti

10 Easy No Carve Pumpkin Ideas for Kids to make on Halloween of their Favorite Characters (Shopkins, Nemo, Minions, Pokemon, and more)

Eyeball Pumpkin:

Image result for eyeball painted pumpkin

A little Candy Corn:

Image result for candy corn painted pumpkin

Use pantyhose:

Make a Mummy:

Image result for mummy pumpkin

Use Washi Tape:

Glue Spiders on it

The advantage to decorating pumpkins like this, is that they last longer than if you were to cut into them. The one thing I miss with these, is the ambiance and smells you get from a candle being inside them on a dark, cool, fall night. But hey, it’s fun to mix things up.  Hope you got some new ideas and Happy Fall Y’all!

As I promised…..

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Recipe

First start by getting out all the pumpkin seeds from your pumpkins, wash them well and get out any bits of flesh from the inside of the pumpkin.

Take all the seeds and put them in a container and fill the container with water.  Then add salt to make a brine, I don’t add too much salt, but enough that I know it’s like salt water. Let this soak overnight.

Set your oven to 225 degrees, drain the water off the seeds and put on a cookie sheet, pat them with a paper towel to dry them off a bit.  The first step of this process is to dry out the seeds.  It takes a couple hours at this low temperature to remove any moisture.  Stir them around once in a while.

Once they are sufficiently dry, put a couple pats of real butter on the seeds and stir it around to cover the seeds with melted butter, salt them as desired. Turn the heat of the oven up to 35o degrees, watch carefully stirring often until the seeds are golden brown and testing the crispness occasionally, remove when done to your liking.

These seeds are so crispy you can eat shell and all, Bon Appétit!



Beach finds – what can you do with them?

We all know this too well- you’ve went to the beach with your kids and you bring home souvenirs.  Then now what? You’ve got sea shells, sharks teeth and pieces of driftwood, and you’re like great I could use more useless stuff in my junk drawers.  You’ve probably got them in plastic zip lock bags that have been hanging around for years.  Then you go to the beach and you’re like: “No more seashells!” but your kids feel like they’ve found the coolest sea shell yet and just have to take them home. Okay now that I’ve vented…….let me show you some things you can do with them.

Make a shark tooth picture:

Shark made from shark teeth. Pinterest idea.

This is the version I made, which has numerous examples of this same idea on Pinterest. What I did was, I printed out a picture of a shark as big as I wanted, and cut it out to make a template.  Then I took a white piece of canvas paper and drew around the template to create the shark image.  Using gray paint, I painted the whole shark gray and the background, which is the canvas paper too, but it is painted differently by mixing the gray with white to create a ombre look.  Following that, I used every shark tooth I had and started by first, placing them on the image how I liked them, then I took each tooth and glued them onto the paper. I used a shadow box frame I found at Goodwill for like five bucks and voila! No more sharks teeth in a jar!

Pinterest Ideas:

View post on imgur.com

Put all your shells in a cute glass jar:

I found a jar just like this at Target, cost about $7.00, they have different sizes and it showcases your shells and keeps them dust free.

Or you can get a set like these off Amazon:

Make a some wall decor: Seashell Art

This is as easy as painting some blank white canvas you can get at Walmart for $2 or $3 dollars a piece and gluing your favorite sea shells to the canvas.  How much simpler can it get, and now you’ve showcased your shells and created a work of art.

painted canvasses with shells

Use an old birdbath as a side table:

I’ve never done this one, but it looks very beachy and hampton’s honeymoon-esk. Seems like the perfect side table for a lanai.

Seashell Vase:

Another one I haven’t personally created but it looks easy enough once you find all your supplies.

More Seashell Wall Art:

A very modern yet still sunset on the beach look, I think we all could get a hold of some pallet wood and that would look just as good.

Seashells in Shadow Boxes:

Filling shadow boxes with shells- omg genius.

Here’s a nice shadow box from Amazon:

The examples I provided aren’t too hard, when all else fails, just put them in a jar and display them on a shelf or do the shadow box option.  I know I’m a crafty person so it comes naturally but with some determination and patience anyone can create a way to display their beachy finds.  I’d love to see your creations, if you’ve already made a way to display your shells/teeth, show us! We all need inspiration!


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