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A lot of what I post will be from other blogs or crafting websites, including sites like Pinterest. I want to share all these cool ideas, projects, patterns and information.  I will always provide a link to the original post when the information was generated from another site. If you have any questions about any content on this site or I have offended any other blogger, please contact me. I will always respect any misunderstandings, but my aim is to share information, not copy it.

Guest Posting

Yes! I allow it and would love to do it for someone else. If you’re interested in either, contact me.

Pattern Reviewer / Crochet Product Maker

If you see anything that I have made that you’d like to purchase, please check out my Etsy store. If you have a special request, please contact me with the information.  I’d also love to test/review patterns just for fun, if you see something neat let me know.  Because of time restraints I cannot work on very large projects, like blankets.

Pattern Tester

If you need someone to test a sewing or crochet pattern, I would love to help.  Please contact me with the details.  I will do it for free but I ask that you let me document the process on my blog.  I will not share the pattern until it is published. Because of time restraints I cannot work on very large projects, for example blankets.

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All photos and written content are copyright of Sherry Nelson unless otherwise specified.  All Rights Reserved. Please do not claim my photos or content as your own. You’re welcome share any photo or content on my site providing you give my site credit via a link to the original post.

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