Assorted Quilting Fabric Scrap Pack – Polka Dot Fabric


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Assorted Quilting Fabric Scrap Pack – Polka Dot Fabric

  • This is our quilting fabric scrap pack – All scrap packs consist of quilting cotton fabrics is various sizes from approx 12 x 12 and larger pieces.  Some pieces are in multiple parts, some may have bit of fabric cut out of it, some are just square or rectangle, there is no rhyme or reason, we’ve just got a lot of extra fabric in our sewing shop. These are great for quilts, expanding your fabric stash, or for small projects. Each picture represents exactly what you will receive, all the fabrics are folded up and bundled.

  • Polka Dot Fabric:

  • Consists of 5 different polka dot themed fabrics. Cut in different sizes and shapes.All quilting cottons.

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