Iron-On Transfer Pencil – Trace and Transfer. 2 Pencils. Vintage


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Iron-On Transfer Pencil – Trace and Transfer. 2 Pencils. Vintage

Vintage product. Great Condition. Has Never been opened. Pencil still as sharp as they were the day it was manufactured. Keep as a collectible or use for sewing. 

“In this ever growing world of creativity the Transfer pencil is a must tool in reproducing your favorite design from paper to wearing apparel or fabric”

“The lead in the Transfer Pencil is of a special formula which will reproduce when slight heat is applied. “


1. Select the subject you wish to transfer and then draw or trace with the Transfer Pencil.  Be sure to press firmly so the transfer marks are clear and bold.

2.) Turn the traced design pencil side down on your fabric and press it on by using a warm iron.

3.) You traced design will transfer on to your fabric.

Caution: Be sure to test the Transfer Pencil on the fabric you wish to use before final application.

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Weight 1.6 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × .50 in


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