Key Fobs

Keys. We all use them, from elementary children to the oldest person in the world. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need them, but the reality is that we do. What do we all do with those keys? (other than use them) We embellish them, with whatever it is we like.  In fact, we end up with so much stuff on them that supposedly our ignition switch will break.

Today, I’d like to talk about key fobs.  What is a key fob you say?  It’s a key chain and several other similar items and devices. The word fob is believed to have originated from watch fobs, which existed as early as 1888. The fob refers to an ornament attached to a pocket-watch chain. Key chains, remote car starters, garage door openers, and key-less entry devices on hotel room doors are also called fobs, or key fobs.

Now that we know the definition, let me show you some tutorials on how to make them yourself.  Funny, I am really interested in this because I just bought a whole box of key fob hardware, so let’s go!

From Emmaline Bags: Quick Key Fob Tutorial:

emmaline key fobs 3.jpg

From Leigh Laure Studios: Quilted Key Fobs

Key fob on box

By Wood Berry Way: Back to School: Fabric Key Fob Tutorial

By Dritz: Hexi Key Fob

Sewing Tutorial: Make a Hexi Key Fob

By A Little Craft In Your Day: DIY Key Fob – with a zipper compartment

By Whistle and Ivy: Crochet Key Fob

FREE Crochet Pattern: Crochet Key Fob | Keep your keys handy with this useful and fun crochet key fob. The clip make it easy to attach to your keyring.

By Love Stitches: Crochet Keychain Pattern

By Sizzix: Felt Key Fob

Sizzix Tutorial | Felt Key Fob by Karin Jordan

By A Quilting Life: Patchwork Key Fob

By Amy Latta Creations: Eay DIY Quilted Key Fob

Quilted Key Fob

By Lydi Out Loud:Leather Key Fob

DIY Leather Key Fobs are a perfect 3 year anniversary gift - the year of leather!

I’ve never seen a blog post where key fobs were the subject, this research really opened my eyes to how many tutorials there are about key fobs. I hope you liked these are much as I did, they are all super cute and would make great gifts.  It’s going to be hard to pick only 4 to make, looks like I need more key fob hardware!


Here’s a great deal on key fobs at Amazon: (I got mine at a big box store for 4.50 for 4- kicking myself)

BCP 25sets 1 Inch Key Fob Hardware /Wristlet Sets with Key Ring

Halloween Crafts

Halloween is coming and that means decorating!! I want to show you some interesting Halloween Crafts I have found around the internet. One thing you need to know about me, is that I am not into the scary gory stuff they put out nowadays.  I’m 38 years old, and my idea of Halloween is a little outdated but timeless.  I love haunted houses, witches and vampires, things that are scary but not real. My list is also budget friendly.

Trash Bag Spider Webs: Fast Forward Fun

DIY Halloween decor using trashbags! So easy and cheap. (fun video tutorial and step-by-step photos). Fast Forward Fun

Handing Ghosts: Simply Designing

Want to know how to make hanging ghosts from Pottery Barn? Here's a Pottery Barn knock-off that makes the perfect not-so-spooky Halloween decor for your front porch!

This site shows you a variety of ways to decorate your fireplace mantel:

Source: Digs Digs

Halloween Mantel Decorating Ideas

30 Inspiring DIY Halloween Decorations

Spirit Jugs: Eighteen 25 

Spooky Bat Lamp: Glue Dots

We love Halloween and easy decorating ideas. Make a Bat Lamp Halloween Decoration for your home with paper bats and Removable Glue Dots.

Keep Out Door Decor: Woman’s Day

Floating Witch Hats: Polka Dot Chair

Clever decorating idea for a porch for Halloween, floating Witch's hat luminaries, they even light up at night!

Cute Painted Pumpkins: Grand in Road

Stick Wreath: Ernest Home Co

creepy twig halloween wreath diy

Spider Web Mason Jars: Mom Dot

spider web mason jars

Booooooo! Hope you have enjoy Halloween like a child again! Happy Halloween!


Scarf Love

I’ve got another good pattern for you! I found this pattern for an infinity scarf and I thought this would be a quick sewing pattern.  I’ve been a little in a sewing funk lately, so I had it for like 2 weeks before I even attempted sewing it or anything for that matter.  If you’re like me, you interest in hobbies comes and goes, I start projects and don’t finish them and then when I’m in a good place with a clear mind, I can go back and start again.

Here’s what the scarf should look like:

I found this pattern from Leafy Tree Top Spot: Infinity Circle Scarf Tutorial.  It looked super cute and easy, and I really have been meaning to make some scarfs because they are supposed to sell well if handmade. I had this fabric, lots of it that was bought it in a bundle, so I have no idea what kind of fabric it is.  Let me tell you though, it was a pain in the butt! This fabric is like silk, it’s slinky and slides easily. Cutting this material in 18″ by 42″ lengths was about impossible.  I really want to make another one just like it, but I don’t know if I can muster the nerve to deal with that fabric again.

Any how, that was the worst step, I assumed it would be difficult to sew just like knits but surprisingly it fed through my machine beautifully. When you finally get to the point where you are sewing the end pieces together, it’s a little tricky, but I got it finally and I think it turned out pretty nice:


It’s nice, silky and lightweight, perfect for a friend of mine! I hope you try this pattern, it’s worth it!



Have you heard about Ralvery? If you crochet or knit then you need to know about this.  Ralvery is a website for all things related to yarn.

This is their About Us statement:

Ravelry is a place for knitters, crocheters, designers, spinners, weavers and dyers to keep track of their yarn, tools, project and pattern information, and look to others for ideas and inspiration. The content here is all user- driven; we as a community make the site what it is. Ravelry is a great place for you to keep notes about your projects, see what other people are making, find the perfect pattern and connect with people who love to play with yarn from all over the world in our forums.

Your Account

To set up an account is free and easy.  If you want to set up your profile more detailed you can add information about yourself and add links to your social media accounts.  You’ll get a “notebook” where you can save projects that you’ve personally done. You’re able to make a list of your yarn stash. There’s a queue where you can keep track of future projects you want to make. A favorites section, where all your favorites are saved. You can search and save friends, keep track of groups you participate in, there’s even a spreadsheet to document how many needles you own. That’s not all either, there are even more features you can access.

The Pattern Section

The pattern section is enormous fortunately, you’re able to search for or sort patterns in a few different ways.  They showcase the member’s favorite patterns, and most recent pattern uploads.  Apparently there are 357,551 patterns on their website submitted from their members. Out of that number 26,181 are free crochet patterns and 49,822 are free knitting patterns.  I have been thumbing thru the patterns for weeks now and I’m not even close to being finished looking at them all. It’s nice to be able to mark them as your favorite or send them to your library for future reference. The array and variety of patterns is endless and you can definitely be kept busy with just the free ones.


They have a whole section devoted to yarns.  In this section, which is pretty cool, you can see what kind of yarns are the most common in different patterns.  You’re also able to click on yarn types and read about their content and attributes as well as see which colors were used in what patterns. So let’s say you have a ball of yarn at home and you don’t really have any inspiration for it, you can look it up in the database and see the finished projects that have been made from that exact yarn. I am so gonna try this.


They have a people section where you can look up/search thru their members.  On the same page you can see finished projects and there’s even a place to post your screwed up projects, which I thought was a little humorous and thankful I’m not the only one who has projects that don’t work out as expected.


In the Groups section, you can search for a group by location, or a category that interests you.  They also have a swap search, a page that shows you all the groups who swap their yarn. You can even start your own group if you so desire.


Lastly, they have forums where you can ask questions or read other topics of interest. There’s all kinds of topics with numerous threads, lots and lots of information.

I really enjoy going on Ralvery, I’m surprised so many people are cool with giving their patterns away for free.  If you crochet or knit and haven’t seen Ralvery, you’re missing out on a pretty significant resource for your craft. Try it out and please let me know what you think.


14 patterns or projects for the beginner crafter

This is a list of patterns that I have completed personally and I think would be good for a beginner, whether you are sewing or crocheting, all of these are either free patterns you can download or free tutorials, please enjoy!

Crochet Bookmark with Flower Pattern

Baby Beach Ball

Little Owl Pin-Cushion – Template and Tutorial.

Star pillow – perfect 1st sewing project

This pillow took me maybe 20 minutes.  It involves cutting out the same size pieces of the same fabric and just sewing together the sides until the last one you will need to hand stitch it closed.  You will need to know how to use a sewing machine.

Adventure Time Gunter Penguin Plush

I know he looks complicated but the hardest part of this is cutting out all the pieces.  The directions are super easy to follow and he comes together in a snap.  You will need to know how to sew on a sewing machine and how to hand stitch on his nose and feet.

Zipper Bags Tutorial from Melly Sews 

This was the first tutorial I used to make a lined zipper bag.  She is really great about explaining every step in the simplest of directions and when you’re done you feel very accomplished that you just installed a zipper.  You’ll need fabric, a zipper and a sewing machine.

Love the pretty colors - How to Sew a Zipper Pouch - 15 minute sewing project - Melly Sews

Shell Stich Beanie by Dainty Daisy

This is one of the first crochet patterns I tried.  These are very simple to make, I’ve personally made a handful.  Not only are the instructions easy to understand but the project came together quickly, for instant gratification! The hardest part is just starting the hat. You will need to know how to crochet, weave in ends and sew on the flower and button.

Chapstick Cozy by Fort Worth Fabric Studio

Super easy- will take you 20 minutes start to finish.  You’ll just need to know how to sew on a sewing machine.

Mary maxim Striped Washcloth

I made this with just one color of yarn, and it was so simple.  My go to washcloth pattern. You will need to know how to crochet and weave in ends.

Mobile device cover  by littlemonkeyscrochet

I did a review on this pattern already- see “Viruses & Tablet Covers”.  It was easy to start and you can make it for any size device you own, even a phone. You’ll need to know how to crochet, weave in ends and hand sew on a button.

Patchwork Coasters by bari j.

This is a great scrap buster project.  Its fun to mix and match funky color and they are easy to make.  My favorite coaster pattern. You will need to know how to use a sewing machine.


Waterbottle holder by The Crochet Spot

Water bottle holders are essential in my life, and I’ve made many for friends, family and to sell.  This is the easiest/simplest pattern I’ve seen. You’ll just need to know how to crochet and weave in ends.

crochet water bottle holder

Simple pillow case by Wonder Forest

Making a pillow case is a beginner project for sure. This website will walk you thru it step by step. These do not take long at all. You’ll need to know how to use a sewing machine and how to pin fabric.

Easy Fabric bookmarks by 7 layer studio

These are super simple, just cutting fabric, ironing on interfacing, sewing and cutting the edges. You will need to know how to use a sewing machine, how to iron on interfacing (easy), and how to use a pair pf pinking shears.

Bookmark blog7

All these projects are easy and fun to make.  I hope you’ll give one or more a

try and let me know how it works out!


Cargo Shorts to Messenger Bag

I wanted to share with you a up-cycle project that turned out great.  I was on Craftsy and found a pattern for turning cargo shorts into a messenger bag:

Recycle Cargo Shorts Pattern

I thought it was pretty neat because cargo shorts have lots of pockets and you basically utilize those pockets on the bag for storage, plus it was a free download so even better.  I told my husband about it, he liked the idea and wanted me to make him one. So I put it on the back burner because at this point I didn’t have an old pair of cargo pants to cut apart, so I thought I’d get one at Goodwill at some point.

Eventually and conveniently my husband tore holes in two pairs of his cargo shorts, so I thought I could probably cut down the two of them to substitute for needing a pair of pants.  I was a little nervous and held off making them right away because I’ve never really done a up-cycle project.  Finally I was in the mood, so I chopped them all up, trying to utilize every use-able piece of fabric and of course one of the leg pockets for the top of the flap.  I had to piece a lot of fabric together to get some of the larger pieces that you need but looking at it now, it kind of gives it a outdoorsy, adventurer feel. I had some trouble with the pattern though.  It doesn’t give you a whole lot of detail in terms of putting the whole bag together, which layer to pin the strap or which side to pin the flap (I screwed that part up and had to tear the whole thing apart).


In the end, my husband loved it and uses it everyday to carry his little odds and ends he needs at work.  In fact, one of his co-workers loved it so much that he asked for one, so I made him one too.  He brought me a pair of Coogie pants (which my son says are worth like $250.00) to cut to pieces.  I tried my best to utilize all of the pockets this time because the jeans are not like cargo pockets, so I had to make a flap with a velcro closure for the front flap pocket.  I used both side pockets under the flap and kept one belt loop to hang things off of, like keys and then the back of the bag has one back pocket.

I think they came out very nice and they are very much appreciated.  You should try it, especially if you know someone who needs a bag to carry things. Plus who doesn’t love recycling and saving money by not buying fabric.


Beach finds – what can you do with them?

We all know this too well- you’ve went to the beach with your kids and you bring home souvenirs.  Then now what? You’ve got sea shells, sharks teeth and pieces of driftwood, and you’re like great I could use more useless stuff in my junk drawers.  You’ve probably got them in plastic zip lock bags that have been hanging around for years.  Then you go to the beach and you’re like: “No more seashells!” but your kids feel like they’ve found the coolest sea shell yet and just have to take them home. Okay now that I’ve vented…….let me show you some things you can do with them.

Make a shark tooth picture:

Shark made from shark teeth. Pinterest idea.

This is the version I made, which has numerous examples of this same idea on Pinterest. What I did was, I printed out a picture of a shark as big as I wanted, and cut it out to make a template.  Then I took a white piece of canvas paper and drew around the template to create the shark image.  Using gray paint, I painted the whole shark gray and the background, which is the canvas paper too, but it is painted differently by mixing the gray with white to create a ombre look.  Following that, I used every shark tooth I had and started by first, placing them on the image how I liked them, then I took each tooth and glued them onto the paper. I used a shadow box frame I found at Goodwill for like five bucks and voila! No more sharks teeth in a jar!

Pinterest Ideas:

View post on

Put all your shells in a cute glass jar:

I found a jar just like this at Target, cost about $7.00, they have different sizes and it showcases your shells and keeps them dust free.

Or you can get a set like these off Amazon:

Make a some wall decor: Seashell Art

This is as easy as painting some blank white canvas you can get at Walmart for $2 or $3 dollars a piece and gluing your favorite sea shells to the canvas.  How much simpler can it get, and now you’ve showcased your shells and created a work of art.

painted canvasses with shells

Use an old birdbath as a side table:

I’ve never done this one, but it looks very beachy and hampton’s honeymoon-esk. Seems like the perfect side table for a lanai.

Seashell Vase:

Another one I haven’t personally created but it looks easy enough once you find all your supplies.

More Seashell Wall Art:

A very modern yet still sunset on the beach look, I think we all could get a hold of some pallet wood and that would look just as good.

Seashells in Shadow Boxes:

Filling shadow boxes with shells- omg genius.

Here’s a nice shadow box from Amazon:

The examples I provided aren’t too hard, when all else fails, just put them in a jar and display them on a shelf or do the shadow box option.  I know I’m a crafty person so it comes naturally but with some determination and patience anyone can create a way to display their beachy finds.  I’d love to see your creations, if you’ve already made a way to display your shells/teeth, show us! We all need inspiration!


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