Vintage Product Quality Descriptions

Any quality issues are noted in a product’s listing details

A – Like New Condition

The product’s condition is as if it were brand new.  Hardly any flaws. Price tags may be present. No visable signs of use or wear. Complete in original packaging with all packing and inserts.

B – Very Good Condition

May be un-cut/un-used or was used “sparingly”, has few scratches or flaws on it.  In almost perfect condition.  Mild edge wear or corner creasing.

C – Good Condition

Minor flaws such as corner creasing or edge wear.  May be used or un-used.  May have writing/stamping on the front/back or inside.  May have price tags.  Could have mild stains or yellowing from age.

D – Acceptable Condition

Generally a product that is still usable but it’s container may be damaged.  Significant yellowing or staining.  Heavy creaing or edge wear. May have tears or other flaws that are significant.